"This is something that may change the way the life of the Prophet is understood in the English speaking world."

Ustadh Ubaydallah Evans, The ALIM Institute

Revelation Essentials

Revelation Essentials is the high-yield, quick-start guide to the Revelation platform. (Expected release Ramadan 2024)

Chapter 1 begins with a discussion of why so many people struggle to connect with the Qur'an, and offers a simple solution to overcoming this challenge. Chapter 2 teaches the unique "Qur'an Year Timeline," an amazing memory aid that allows readers of all ages memorize the major events in the Prophet's 23-year mission. Chapter 3 contains a brief summary of each of the 23 Qur'an Years, and Chapter 4 concludes with a detailed discussion of how to connect with themes in the Prophet's life in a way that brings the Qur'an into the center of yours. The book ends with a study plan for those interested in diving deeper in the next two books in the series.

You can listen to Dr. Mohiuddin teach this book on The Revelation Experience YouTube page.

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The Qur'an Year Timeline

Memorize the Sirah timeline in 30 minutes by gaining access to an innovative system that bypasses years of rote memorization.

Qur'an Year Summaries

Each Qur'an Year in the Prophet's mission is presented in a succinct and high yield summary that includes themes from his life, along with relevant verses from the Qur'an.

Study Plans

Take the next steps with a simple stepwise approach to connecting with the Prophet in a way that also connects you to the Qur'an.